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Thread: Issue after updating monetize plugin

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    Issue after updating monetize plugin

    Updated from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1 and now I'm unable to add listings, getting this error message.
    I've went ahead and removed the new plugin and uploaded the backup but am getting new issues now(see next post)
    Error: Unknown column 'BumpDate' in 'field list'
    Query: UPDATE `fl_listings` SET `Last_step` = '', `Last_type` = '', `Cron` = '0', `Cron_notified` = '0', `Cron_featured` = '0', `Status` = 'pending', `Pay_date` = NOW(), `Featured_ID` = '0', `Featured_date` = NULL, `BumpDate` = NOW() WHERE `ID` = '213299'
    Function: updateListing
    Class: Flynax\Classes\AddListing
    File: /includes/classes/AddListing.php (line# 1471)
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    Fixed the plugin issue by reverting

    So I ended up fixing the issue by uninstalling the plugin in the back end and then reinstalling the backup.

    I do have an issue with the plugin now though. after recreating the packages I don't see them in the manager(see photo)
    bump up error.png

    Also doing this update broke the commission ad "Mark as Sold and Prepare Invoice" action

    <a class="sold" id="sold_listing_213312" title="Mark as Sold and Prepare Invoice" href="javascript://"><span>Mark as Sold and Prepare Invoice</span></a>

    Mobile view "Mark as Sold and Prepare Invoice" text doesn't appear.
    Ad error.png

    I had tested the commission ad package multiple times this week and am 100% certain this issue happened after updating the plugin. Any help would be appreciated and a guide to fix this JS " href="javascript://" would help in the future thank you.

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    I suggest you create a new ticket with the problems of the plugin. Our plugin creator will fix it and include fixes in the plugin.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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