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Thread: Multifield/Location Filter - 2nd level not working

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    Multifield/Location Filter - 2nd level not working

    Good day all together!

    I have an issue with the multifield/location filter:
    When choosing a country/state (1st level), the filter works fine.
    When choosing a region (2nd level), the filter sometimes produces errors, depending on the region or language chosen.
    For example... a region chosen in german delivers an error, while the same region chosen in english is working.

    Does anyone have an idea, what could be the reason for this?


    Thanks in advance!

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    Flynax developer Rudi's Avatar
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    You'd better create a ticket as this issue is related to Category Filter plugin

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    Hi Rudi,

    meanwhile, i translated some of the regions back to their "original" title (as per world locations database) - and voila' the filter works again.
    So it seems to be definetely a language issue. As soon as a State/Province is given another name - you get an error.

    The only problem... in the database, some of the States have a wrong German title and when you correct it, the filter runs into confusion.

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    Is there a simple way to have the filter building the respective 2nd level link from the english title only?

    for example
    instead of

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