I work with a lot of car dealers all over the states, and trying to get them imported is going to be a bit of a pain but I am working threw it. But it would be nice to have a feed file importer plugin.

How I would see it working is you setup a new dealer account, and have the option of select a local file (that is sent over via FTP every day from the dealer's feed provider). That feed file has everything in it that you would need for the site, main thing would be just mapping out the columns so the site knows what data is in what column. Next thing would just have it so that it was setup with a cron to run every day and import the new cars, remove cars that are not in the feed any more, and download the images to put on your system (They give you a url to the photo on their servers but you can not use them as just a link on your site or they will cut you off so you have to download them to a local file). It seems to me that if you are working with car dealers this would be a great plugin to have.

The import/export plugin up there now, unless I am missing something just seems like a good way to backup your listings and re-import them if needed down the road.

Heck right now I would even pay a bit of $ to have something like that this plugin up and running.