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Thread: Data Entries Vs. Listing Fields

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    Data Entries Vs. Listing Fields

    I am wondering what the difference is between the following two data entry methods:

    1. Creating a data/list via "Data Entries" page and thereafter linking the data/list in the "Listing Fields" page

    - Vs.

    2. Creating a "Listing Field" and "Add an Options" in the "Add a Field" page

    I am wondering when you would use one method over the other.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    Hello Joey, No set rules but by creating a Data entry and connecting it to the listing field will allow for you add further entries down the line and not have to worry about order etc when adding a new option. Mainly if say you are creating a drop-down with many options

    Some listing fields will not need to use data entry such as text input or something like that, so it will depend on what type of listing field your creating but say for dropdowns, checkboxes etc it works best to create the data entry first.
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    Okay, I understand.

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

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