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Thread: Advanced Search In Find Agent (Real Estate Software)

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    Advanced Search In Find Agent (Real Estate Software)


    Can the Find Agent section be more advanced?

    For a real estate website that is targeting only one country in Asia, I find it strange that in the Advanced Search tab, members in that particular one country in Asia would search for a property agents from Africa (e.g. Congo or Nigeria) to buy a property. So, the Country selection list in Advanced search is kind of useless.

    Could Find Agent section be made to search agents by

    (1) First Name (search or browse agents by first name e.g. when you click the alphabet A, all agents with first name A will be listed)
    (2) Last Name
    (3) Agent's Company Name
    (4) Agent's Specialization (e.g. an agent might be specializing in selling only one property type i.e. Bungalow, and another in selling Condominium, etc)

    I hope Flynax could consider my suggestion as this will definitely make Flynax Real Estate software more dynamic and flexible.


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    Re: Advanced Search In Find Agent (Real Estate Software)

    Hello Daniel,

    You can manage list of fields of find agent search through admin panel>> registration fields.
    Each field have Search column - if yes this field will be on this page.

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