Hello. I was able to install flynax on the root directory and vbulletin forums under the /forums/ directory. I was able to configure and install the vbulletin bridge for flynax 4.0 and activate and install it to vbulletin as well.

The problem is, when I import the vbulletin users to flynax, it times out, I mean the process loads ("Loading") and nothing happens. The eventually the server crashes and have to ask for the host manager to restart server (mysql) services.

Our vbulletin site is quite large, with more than 100,000 registered users and almost 2 million posts. Is there a way I can have the import in batches to prevent the importation from timing out and the server from crashing?

or should I just forget bridging vbulletin and flynax forever?

Btw, i am using flynax 4 and vbulletin 4.2.0. flynax is located here: http://tsikot.com while the forums are here http://tsikot.com/forums

Thank you!