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Thread: Personal Forum Board

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    phpbb is a good solution?
    but it needs to be single login

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    xenforo vs phpbb

    yes it does cost. Here is one forum using xenforo. It has extensive number of registered members. Not sure if there is a way to use a single Login or be incorported in websites as well.

    phpbb also looks good and may be ask them if they can give you an active forum to see how it functions. May be share with us here as well.

    Thank you.

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    Back when I got flynax, I saw the forum integration plugin which is very attractive. I have vbulletin and xenforo. Backthen, flynax had the vbulletin interation plugin with sync account when user register on flynax, they can use the same account to login to vbulletin. And listing link from flynax posted on forum auto having their title as url cloaking/masking. Which is pretty great.

    Now its gone. I made a ticket and was told that the demand for the plugin is not high, so they dropped it.

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