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Thread: No locations data at categories short url

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    No locations data at categories short url


    I found any problem at the url of categories!

    basic setings admin -> geo filter -> Filtering Listings/Accounts on Pages -> Motors / Add location to URL = enabled
    listing types -> listing type URL = short url


    motors -> listing type page url: classifieds.demoflynax.com/location/motors.html is ok!
    motors -> subcategory: classifieds.demoflynax.com/accessories.html is false!

    true is:
    motors -> subcategory: classifieds.demoflynax.com/location/accessories.html !

    s1.png s2.png

    I hope can fix soon!
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    I'm waiting for this fix too

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    Flynax developer Rudi's Avatar
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    I've added a task about this issue

    it will be fixed in the next plugin update

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    Thank you Rudi

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