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Thread: Mysql error

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    Mysql error

    Why im getting this error front page doesnt work other pages are ok. its on autos page .
    thank you.
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    Anyone can give me a clue why is showing "MYSQL ERROR" on front end and other pages working ?

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    it could be anything. Can you show us what is the error message? In some cases we need to look at the error log. MYSQL ERROR could be from your host provider sometimes under heavy load. Again it could be from a lot of things.

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    I'm sorry to say that it doesn't help much with those screenshot.
    I think you should create a ticket for further investigation. Try to recall what might cause it, like a version update? Or may be mysql backup restore?

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    Submit a ticket. It may be due to a conflict with your configuration, just try to see what was done before you got that message and explain it to Flynax

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    I found out what was making my database goes wrong i added in where is new, used cars option oldtimer. In the Content Boxes i just put it inactive and front page came up.
    Now i have to find out why is making that problem because is something is missing to work.

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    You can create a new ticket and we will check the problem in more details.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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