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Thread: Create new pages to show ads as per my criteria

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    Create new pages to show ads as per my criteria


    I have Real Estate Script and I already add some ads, My need is to create new pages to show the result as defined earlier by admin.

    While Admin creating pages he will select some criteria like: list type, category, subcategory, bedroom from ---- to ----- , price lees than, space more than, city …etc. the Listing Fields which already defined. Please refer to http://lantana.me/LBF.jpeg
    Then the pages will show the result as fixed page

    For example:
    Page 1: To show all list for specific city
    Page 2: To show list for specific category and subcategory.
    Page n: as per my need


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    Bu default the functional doesn't exist. We can do it as customization. I suggest you create a new ticket with the request.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    I create ticket in support but no one answer or reply

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