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Thread: A problem when using phone to post ads or even pc???

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    A problem when using phone to post ads or even pc???

    In the USA, many states have hundreds of cities. So when we use the multi geo filter for the user to clarify their location when adding an ads, the location fields, states and cities, are drop down fields. On a computer, it properly not that bad. But on a mobile phone it will be a nightmare to having to scroll on the way down just to pick the right states or cities.

    So my question is is there anyway if we can apply this location finder box, already working great as a content box, in add a listing/edit listing page?

    Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 4.16.08 PM.jpg

    So that beside the already drop down field, user can also type a few keywords in the textbox and the auto suggestion would show all the available location for them to pick

    I'm sure this will be a game changer.

    Thank you for reading this and giving it some thoughts

    Edited: Please watch this video sample of the problem from Graham Jupp. Could take a lot of time and frustration for customers
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