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Thread: add property form not filling properly on admin side

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    add property form not filling properly on admin side

    Hello Flynax,
    form details.PNGphone showing.jpguser details.jpg
    when user add a property all information is shown on front end side (detailed form/view) but in admin all that data is filled .Though add listing data is displayed on front end and saved in database too.
    Like you can view phone number of agent by clicking on call agent button but that phone number is not filled in admin panel phone field. User is adding country,province,city and area/sector field and these info is displayed on web but these mentioned fields not stored in admin panel. All this data is stored in database properly.

    Here is the link to verify: check out this listing and its details from admin panel side. I am attaching screenshots:


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    I think it's due to custom modifications made in tpl > blocks > field_out.tpl

    so check it carefully or ask the one who did it for you

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