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Thread: Dealers go before private ads...

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    Dealers go before private ads...

    So i just realized that dealers ads shows before private ads.

    How can i make so that they are displayed based on date ?
    I want the newest ads to show before the older ads.

    Anyone that have a solution ?

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    How do you mean? in your search results?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Brown View Post
    How do you mean? in your search results?
    If you go here:link removed

    You see that a older ad are before the newer ad :/
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    Peter there's something wrong with your sorting. Click lan or rubrik and use the arrow, nothing changes.
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    Your right for that category, seems ok for the others though :S and Morgan is right doesnt sort correctly but works fine in the others, just seems like theres an issue with your 'Tjanster' category

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    Ye wierd :/

    Gonna see if i can figure it out. Thanks Morgan for that, havent seen that :p

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    Was thinking on something now.

    Why arent there a "sort by: Date" ? If i click on sort by price or something, then it's impossible to get the newest ads first again

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    Yeah dont think theres a sort by date (well there isnt on mine either), i suppose the recently added page could be used for that instead.

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    Well, then it stupied to have sort buttons if you cant go back to its normal state that are Newest first.
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