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Thread: Upgrade to featured package...

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    Upgrade to featured package...

    Hello Flynax Team,

    With regards to the listing packages, do I need to have an upgrade to featured package, or is that optional? Reason I ask this is because I have 4 different packages (before adding upgrade to featured package)

    Packages 1, 2, & 3 - All have featured listings available.
    Free Package - Does NOT have featured listings available.

    Now if I create an upgrade to featured listing package, how is that different from a listing package that already has featured listings available?

    Update: Correct me if I am wrong about this. But, upgrade to featured is if someone decides they don't want their listing to be featured in a package that includes the featured listing option, but if the decide later on to upgrade, that is why I need an upgrade to featured package correct?

    Also, if that is correct, then when do you think you will have a version of Flynax with a checkbox (or drop down, etc..) on the my listings page for each listing to just upgrade to featured instead of having to create a separate listing package just to upgrade?
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    Thank you - Your Welcome

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