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Thread: white / blank page on checkout using recurring payments

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    white / blank page on checkout using recurring payments

    We are testing the recurring payments option using the Paypal gateway.

    When recurring is selected and the user selects PayPal as payment gateway, the user is presented with a blank / white page and is not forwarded to the PayPal website. Normal PayPal payments work as expected.
    I would expect that the user is asked on the Paypal website whether he wants to accept the subscription.

    I'm testing this using the "Featured package" with enabled "recurring payments". The Paypal user has a valid credit card on his PP account.

    What could be wrong? Thanks for any pointer!

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    I suggest you create a new ticket with the problem. Out tech department will check and solve a problem.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Hi Viktor, thanks - will do this.

    I also noticed that the above problem description exists on the flynax demo website too.

    Ticket System Login Problem
    I have an issue logging into the Support Ticket System. It says that my e-mail adress is registered, but login fails when using the flynax.com account password (I changed it after receiving it). Login on Forum and flynax.com works, but I am unable to login to the support ticket system. And sending the ticket without logging in, throws an error "Column 'Status' in where clause is ambiguous".
    And the lost password function does not send a new password, so I am running out of options.

    How could I get the support ticket login get fixed to send the ticket?
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    Hi Stefan.

    I/We experience the same. Did Flynax solve it?

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    Hi Jens,
    I*submitted a support ticket but my support credit ran out and the issue is still on hold. Hence issue not resolved yet. We do not continue the project for the moment. So I suggest if you have support credit, issue a ticket and the support staff can look at it.

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