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Thread: issue with the property detail page URL

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    issue with the property detail page URL

    Hello Flynax
    Posted this before as well but no with no response

    I need to do couple of things
    1 -i need to add the property city in URL for detail page ? how can i do that
    2 - I want to know why my detail pages are showing something like "abc" instead of Property Title in the detail page URL
    can someone help me find where the issue is ?? i know there is some issue with the customization maybe , kindly guide me where the URL's are made which files i need to look into if you cant fix this on my behalf just let me know how the urls are made from which files in flynax coding
    Detail Page URL https://michni.com/properties/homes/abc-3088.html
    Kind regards

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    Flynax developer Rudi's Avatar
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    What you mean is not supported by multifield plugin as location fields are reserved for geo filtering

    I think it can be done as a customization

    you can create a ticket
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    Hello Rudi
    The solution you are telling is related to property tiles , i am talking about URL's
    The title and URL are two completely different things i need to alter the URL for question 1 and fix the URL for question 2
    i have created ticket earlier too but the solution provided there towards me was also irrelevant
    kindly Help

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