Minor Issue, but I'll still report it. If someone doesn't, you may never fix

1) I made 3 new banners for Google Adsense * left side * right side * bottom
2) I named them describing area like above. i.e. Google Adsense - Left Side Banner
3) I noticed that my left side name turned into my right side name. Basically duplicate names. So I had two saying right side but they were performing fine.
4) I tried to edit and rename back to left side, but when you save, it ignores. I decided to just delete it and make a new one.
5) I created a new one and named if for the left side. Returning to the screen banner list, I now see two with duplicate names again. This time for the left. And, editing name still doesn't take effect.

This does not seem to have any effect on performance and it even has a column that describes what area and that stays correctly the same, so this seems very low priority.