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Thread: listing priority and listing label (status)

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    listing priority and listing label (status)

    Hello Flynax,

    1. How to make priorities for different listing types. For instance, by default its keeping recently added and/or featured on top while others after them. But I want to add hot listing on top of them all, featured listings on second number and premium/ or basic on last. How to do it? Check the image too for better understanding.
    2 sawal.jpg

    2. I want to restrict a user that he can label his 4 listings as "hot" under listing package A and labeling 2 listings as "Premium" under plan "B". How to achieve this ??

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    1. It will require some modifications in the code. If you have support we can do it for free. For that you need to create a ticket

    2. Listing label plugin doesn't work with listing packages. It will require a customization

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