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Thread: List view / gallery view issue at 992px wide

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    List view / gallery view issue at 992px wide


    Can someone help me fix this css issue on this page?


    the alignment is out of position, i moved quickly again, and hit a bump in the road.

    Edit: I didn't fix it yet, but I am going to restore css, to an earlier time, but then that means I will have to fix other issues prior to this one...I am doing a lot in short time.

    Edit: 2: I didn't change the admin area for the picture settings, thumbnail image in gallery view is so small. How to change the size of gallery view thumbnail?
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    Thank you - Your Welcome

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    Brian your site under construction so no access to see the problem ?
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    I have fixed it on your side. problem was in css as usual
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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