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Thread: Website cache

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    I just wanted to add some experience I had with this issue today, a bit long winded but skip to last line if you get bored.

    Yesterday I attempted to make some changes to a file, so I made a copy of it first and renamed the original file to a backup version.

    I attempted to make some changes on the live version of the file which didn't end up working so I then deleted that file and renamed the backup version back to the original filename.

    I then go to check my site today and notice that the edited version of the page is still appearing in the browser even though it doesn't exist anymore on the server.

    So I try a CTRL + F5 refresh.. .still showing the non existent version of the page with the bad edits.... hmmm... I then switch to test the page in MS Edge which I hadn't previously used to test the page... still showing incorrect file... so this leads me to think its not a local cache issue.

    So then I think, maybe if I rename the file to some other name and try to load the page, then it will refresh properly after it throws a file missing error. It didnt throw an error, but the section of the site was simply missing the section that the file relates to. I then rename it back to the correct name and the non existent incorrect file is still being cached.... arrrrghhh.

    Then I wonder... hmm... what if it's an ISP cache issue and because the file has a "date modified" timestamp that is actually older than the edited version in it's cache... maybe the ISP cache is set up to always show the newer version of the file even if it no longer exists at the server.

    Sooo... I make a small change to the file (adding an additional line break), save it, remove the line break, save it again.... then try in my browser again... Wahoooo.... finally it displays correct file, likely due to the fact that the modified date is now newer than the ISP's cache version.

    Long story short, if the date modified on your file is older than the date modified on the ISP's cache of the file then I think this may be a possible cause of the issue with some ISPs.
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