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Thread: I figured out something...

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    I figured out something...

    Hello Guys,

    I figured out something incredible...

    One huge mistake I was making with the forms, was as simple as it gets and this message should be read at least once by everyone on this forum (minus the admins / developers )

    The reason I was having issues with the category forms in terms of not seeing the form fields on the page ( Admin Panel -> Listings -> Edit -> Build Listing Form )

    I was adding the form field(s), and then going to view it...Sounds somewhat logical right? I was forgetting to 'enable it' not to be confused with (active or inactive setting) here is what I mean...For example the condition field requires you to click into the radio button dot for new or used, and I was not doing that (therefore, it was not showing new or used on the page). now I am getting the fields on the page, instead of adding the actual smarty template code into the listing.tpl file and running into other issues. So I am back to normal, and as crazy as it seems, i even went as far as restoring the default listing.tpl file from the flynax download. But maybe all this is telling me is to slow down, take a deep breath, and relax...Things will be fine.
    Thank you - Your Welcome

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    Fresh start...Following the Flynax Demo, Modern Template, on category page. There is field for condition (new used)... I want to put it like that, under the title of the ad, I have tried putting the condition field in the listing title form so it appears with the title, but it's with the title, not under the title, does that mean I will need to put that code in the template, instead of the form? I haven't tried it yet, because I am not sure if adding it to a different form my be a solution, I will try that, but I am thinking from memory, not the notes at this moment that if the condition field is on the browse form it will display in the top bar filter bar above the ad, and the featured form is for the featured ad on the details page so no that would not work.

    Edit: I have tried on other forms, and it won't go below the title (Listing Title Form is where I currently have the condition field, with title field)

    I guess that I will need to put the condition (as well as any other field) into the correct template(s)...
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    Thank you - Your Welcome

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