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Thread: website very slaw , MySQL Error

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    website very slaw , MySQL Error

    the website not responding , very slaw , Even though Not much traffic on my server
    Mobile app Not Running

    Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
    Query: SELECT `T1`.*, `T4`.`Path`, `T4`.`Parent_ID`, `T4`.`Type` AS `Listing_type`, `T4`.`Parent_keys` FROM `fl_listings` AS `T1` LEFT JOIN `fl_categories` AS `T4` ON `T1`.`Category_ID` = `T4`.`ID` WHERE `T1`.`Featured_date` AND `T1`.`Status` = 'active' AND `T4`.`Type` = 'listings' ORDER BY `Last_show` ASC LIMIT 0, 4
    Function: getFeatured
    Class: rlListings
    File: /home/abcdxyzpx/public_html/includes/classes/rlListings.class.php (line# 2952)

    website linke= www.FindQ8.com
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    Just a suggestion, but if you are on shared hosting, why not upgrade to dedicated hosting?
    Thank you - Your Welcome

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