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Thread: Flynax Membership Plans and Listing Plans Implementation

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    Unhappy Flynax Membership Plans and Listing Plans Implementation

    I'm having difficulties of implementing my business logic via the Flynax admin panel.

    there are 2 type of Ads
    1.) Standard
    2.) Featured

    there are 2 type of users
    1.) Private sellers
    2.) Dealers

    There are 2 type of membership plans
    1.) Free Plan (For Private sellers) (non expiring plan)
    2.) Dealder Plan (For Dealers) (Annually needs to be renewed)

    I want to limit private sellers to list 1 free ad. (Should not be able to publish any free ads)
    If private sellers want to list their 2nd ad (any number more than 1) they have to pay for the ad
    ex: if it is a standard ad - $5
    if it is a featured ad - $8

    Then i want Dealers to list unlimited number of standard ads and 20 featured ads per year.
    If a dealer wants to list more than 20 featured ads he needs to pay $5 per ad.

    How can I implement this business logic with the flynax 4.7.

    Many Thanks

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    Maybe I don't understand something but I think it is easy. Create 3 plans for Private sellers.
    1. Free with the limit 1 listing
    2. Paid standard plan - 5$
    3. Paid featured plan - 8$

    2 and 3 will be unlimited. How will it work: when a Private seller add a new listing and choose free plan he can do it but when he will try to add 2nd listing the system deactivates this free plan and user can choose 2 or 3 plan only.

    For Dealers also create 3 plans

    1. Free with the limit20 listing
    2. Paid standard plan - not free
    3. Paid featured plan - not free
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    I may also be wrong so to even confuse you more, using both listing packages and implemting membership plans at the same time will give you nothing but headaches, where possible choose one over the other but not both, I may be wrong?
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    Thanks for the reply @viktor, quick question regarding your instructions.

    There are 2 types of Monetising methods implemented on Flynax.
    1.) Listing Packages
    2.) Membership Plans

    So, as per your instructions, I only have to create Membership plans, right? So, there will be 6 membership plans and 0 Listing packages.

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    Hi Shanil,

    I'm also about to launch and auto classified site. The Flynxax team can correct me if I'm wrong but if you plan on importing listings via XML feed (Homenet, Dealer.com, etc.), you'll need to use listing plans as the XML Feed plugin requires a listing plan.

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