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Thread: Blank content boxes

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    Blank content boxes


    Why is it that when I enable content boxes, the content is blank? Meaning nothing at all except for the title of the content box, but otherwise nothing in the box at all. Does that have something to do with the forms? They were ok, but I enabled one, and then it now doesn't work.

    This is where I am currently up to, but I think I will be able to get this, I will post back with update.

    I have tried, but again, unsuccessful in getting the community search bar to display anything in it, the content box is there, on the correct page, but the box is empty, to fix the get more details content box on the view details page, I had to enable other content boxes which then made the details appear, but I cannot seem to find the 'magic box'. I don't understand what I am supposed to do to get the content to display inside the content boxes? Is there a trick to this?

    On this page: https://www.worldclassads.com/classi...tes/community/

    I have the content box community search, but no content, and I understand that it's likely the forms, but the only forms I haven't touched are the category listing forms, but if I do that will change the info on the view details page. What would be the best approach to getting the data back in the content box?

    Update: I did change (build) the category listing forms, search forms with no luck. What's the trick?

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    Thank you - Your Welcome

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