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Thread: Owners Details Alignment issue

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    Owners Details Alignment issue

    Can someone figure out how to align these correctly? Line up straight across. I tried, and just couldn't get it.

    This is the page you need to adjust for the first screenshot:


    Different screenshot, note where it's yellow at the top right, and bottom left in the picture:

    Different Screenshot: The picture below is on the listing type page (community) is this blank because I need to build forms for it?

    This is the page you need to adjust for the screenshot below:

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    Thank you - Your Welcome

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    I don't understand what do you want. Would you please explain to us better.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Also, on the listing page,


    can you move the top navigation, buttons / icons (edit page link - if logged in) from the top navigation to the description box - below the top navigation? I am not sure if the previous message also makes that change or no.
    Thank you - Your Welcome

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