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Thread: Can't put content boxes on

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    Can't put content boxes on


    Why can't I put a content box in this page? https://www.worldclassads.com/classi...isting-24.html

    Actually, after doing refresh from flynax admin panel, I was able to display the faq content box to see if it would work, as I been trying to get this working for a long time now, but when I removed the faq box, to try another, it did not work, and it seems this is an issue, not sure though, can someone try to do it, and if you can get it working, how did you do it?

    I did change the page somewhat, I removed the default sidebar on that page (seller info sidebar), by commenting the !listing_details_sidebar.tpl and making the section id content div 100%, but now it seems something has gone wrong with adding content boxes, unless of course, I am doing something wrong again.
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    Thank you - Your Welcome

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