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Thread: Anyone noticing any unusual issues with Google Chrome?

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    Anyone noticing any unusual issues with Google Chrome?


    Update 2: Not sure where the issue is, but I am pretty sure re-arranging the media queries will fix it. It's not that something doesn't function, it's the way it functions that is the problem.

    At 1500px the tabs above the map appear, but I want them to appear at 1200px I know it sounds easy, but I really am beat up with the css,

    I would appreciate it a lot if someone can take a stab at getting it work to those specifications. (reason for specifics is the menu above changes to mobile at 1200px and that would make sense to make the map do the same) I only realized a day or two ago, when testing after I thought I was 100% finished.

    Update 1: No problem with chrome, problem with a media query. Fixing in progress.

    I am not sure if this is a css issue or a browser issue, but I am thinking that it's a browser issue (with chrome/chromium). The issue is on my website is that when I zoom out (less than 100%) my site goes desktop version, and when at 100% or more it's going mobile version.

    As far as firefox is concerned I don't have this issue. Is this a bug with google chrome/chromium, or is this a media query issue do you think?

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