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Thread: Wow...very good template design from Flynax..Super...

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    I actually need a homepage without sidebar, and this template is it

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    I still can't download the template at this point. Got Mysql error. (((

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    Flynax developer John's Avatar
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    Hi Wei,
    Just tried to download the template by all possible ways and there isn't any problems.
    Could you submit a ticket with the error you have got?


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    Thanks John,

    I have submit the ticket.

    Last edited by Wei Hong; April 2, 2019 at 07:17 AM.

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    Not modified Rating to Top...Flynax Not understanding the concept and use of Rating plugin.

    concept :
    1. User will check the rating first how the product rating given by others...then they do book or buy whatever...

    Purpose of Rating:

    When user satisfied the product or Service then they will give rating..Good or Bad..

    Now Rating shows in under ground (on dustbin) user needs to scroll down to see the rating and give the rating...

    No use this Plugin if its shows in bottom...See below image its all in one place bad look


    Next Reviews Tap:

    Why need rating on the review page? it's looks like individual give rating but it should be overall rating + comments

    Over all Rating should be split by 5 , 2 , 3 and 1 rating like below image


    When Flynax will change all old concepts...From start the same no changes..on template looks...

    Good to see now good template from flynax team. Please change this old concepts try to give good one. Thanks!

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    probably just need to edit the code to fic the position of that ?
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    Actually what I'm trying to say is Flynax needs to change the template design by default Rating under the Title (as below attached image)



    This will give Good Look for website also we will get more visitors & Users. Because it will be user friendly...
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    I thought you could css code to change the position of that.

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    Thank You Wei Hong...

    Can You explain here ..how to do that So like me others also will get this useful tips...

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    I dont use that plugin so Im not sure. You should look into the plugin folder or the listing_detail.tpl in template folder, find what code show the rating then copy it to the place you want and css it to fit your template

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