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Thread: username and sub-domain same - Restrain subdomains/subdirectories

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    username and sub-domain same - Restrain subdomains/subdirectories

    I am not sure if this is a bug or not

    I have applied under "Restrain subdomains/subdirectories" the word "blog" which i shall be installing wordpress

    I dun quite understand what this restrain function is for? Is it to block something?

    I tried to register a member using the username "blog" and was successful.

    Both following URL works for this user and lead the user page, so will this is a conflict for xxx.com/blog/index.php in the future for my wordpress?


    I created a html page and create a directory "blog" and upload this page. The page is not able to be viewed, it will get divert to the user page.

    Please advise how i create a wordpress blog at a directory or is there something i need to add at the .htaccess

    I tried applying the following but it did not work

    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/blog
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    This problem is solved as I forget to include a .htaccess in the sub-folder for wordpress

    Will recommend all to include a blog for SEO
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    Hi Desmond,

    Here was the bug, Restrain option is exactly for this - don't allow to register with one of the restrain words as personal page address.

    I have checked it - it's fixed in 4.1 version: you can type denied words (directories) through the comma. And it will not allow to use them as personal page address.

    If you want it to be fixed without version update please submit a ticket.

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    Hi Mike
    I like to know

    for example if my URL is :


    If i block "listing" does that mean all the following will be blocked?


    Does that mean that visitor cannot sign up "listing/brand" as a user?

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    For original script:

    1. It will not allow to add personal address with / in it.
    2. Script checking for path to be not in the pages of website (listing i think is page path)

    This configuration is for Personal Address field and not for Username field originally, but as we changed this logic for your website i'm not sure how it will work.
    If you dont want / to be in the username and path please check it on your website and if not working let me know (ticket better)

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