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    CSS Help


    Edit: This problem was resolved by bed rest.

    Tip: When your tired, you need to give your mind a rest . If you change something like content-padding or controller-area, you need to change a specific element in that area, NOT the content-padding or controller area itself (sometimes, if that still don't work, try changing/adding the css into the tpl file itself). I should have noticed that but was tired.

    I am having a little problem here, I am sure you guys are familiar with this. I am changing the styles like
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    and when I do, it worked for one css element, but then changes for another element on another page. Can someone help me a bit in this area in terms of when to changes these styles and when not to, I can't seem to find the correct style otherwise that will change the elements I want to change.

    My content pages have lost their css style, I know what I did to throw them off, but I don't know how to make it work without affecting other pages.

    I made some additional media queries to the bottom of my style.css to prevent mixup, but I did make other changes as well.

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    Thank you - Your Welcome

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