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Thread: Directlink button for only compani dealers.

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    Directlink button for only compani dealers.

    Tried the submit ticket on the site but i get error 404 so i just type it here.


    I have some companies on my site and i want a button on the listing that only works for companies and not for regular dealers where they can put the link to the thing they are selling.

    Like if they are selling a Flashlight modell 123 on their site and make a listing on my site promoting their flashlight modell 123 they should be able to put a direct link on the listing that takes whoever clicks that button to the flashlight modell 123 on their site.

    Is this possible and how much would it cost ?

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    I think we can just add field to the listing which will contain this link. Link to original website. In addition to this we can show the field only for specific account type (companies)

    If it's not what you asked for please clarify.

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