I have previously posted a message on this but this one is much clearer.

The issue I have is that in mobile the map is not able to work because I wanted to take the listing type buttons out of mobile (only mobile) because in my opinion, they were unsightly, (didn't like the button with three dots to see the rest of the buttons) so I add a couple of media queries to hide them (bottom of style.css).

Now I have the listing types inside the mobile navigation menu (stellarnav), to see how that would work, I have decided not to do that either because not so user friendly. Especially since the map must be 'activated' using one of the listing type buttons

Here's what I want to do lastly for the map in mobile view. I want to make it so when you click on the map itself, a div will open over the map with the listing types, when I choose a listing type, the div will close, and the map will activate just like on desktop view.

Note: Mobile view is when the web browser is under 1500px wide. That is when the desktop links will disappear.


If this will require a customization, please let me know.

Thank you