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    Question Some help needed here :)

    Hello everyone,

    I need to create membership plans that enables the users to have certain number of ads per month. Let's say;
    Plan A: 1 free ad per month.
    Plan B: 5 free ads per month.
    I tried listing packages but they turned out to be buggy when using free multi-listing packages and you even can be bypassed and post ads as much as you want.

    The website on mobile devices looks a bit bulky and our traffic nowadays is almost 50% mobile. How can I scale things down like to 2 columns instead of 1 on homepage, on search results and on listing type page?

    In homepage search bar, when selecting the category then subcategory, how to make the dropdown list disappears after making the last selection of the last subcategory in the tree? the default behaivor now when checking the last subcategory the list remain and you have to click away which is not convenient.

    I would be grateful for any input.
    Many Thanks.

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