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Thread: Help with joining map with navigation....

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    Help with joining map with navigation....


    I need some help in the thought process. I am all-thought-out on how I can link my map locations to the listings. I have checked in the flynax portfolio, and I was thinking using a tab based navigation above the map, and removing the side search, (general modern template). I will be working with countries for my links, so another words, the map works from the continent level, then the countries, so on the second layer of the map will be where the links will be to the flynax listings. Anyone have a suggestion for this? I will take a look at this post later on as I am getting ready for work, and will see you later.

    I think putting the map in the single div without the (home_content_search) form on the homepage, thus filling the (home_content_image_container) with the map and then using a tabbed based navigation for the search, although I haven't put much thought into how the search block should be, maybe someone here can shed some light on how I could do it? I have checked the flynax portfolio, but I don't want to dupe anyone's idea, just would like to get some ideas from them.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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    Thank you - Your Welcome

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