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Thread: Error in add listing

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    Error in add listing

    Hello I have a problem with adding a listing.

    some times it works some times it give me an error with this reason:


    can someone help me?

    already sent support ticket. nobody replies

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    When it is saying you have not added any fields, it means that you have created a category but not added and listing fields to it, you need to go into categories and edit that category and select to add fields, there is a listing field, a featured field etc. you need to fill those out.

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    Go to admin - > Categories -> Find category that doesnt work for you - > Click "Build" icon (first icon in last column) - > Select "Build a listing form".
    That is place where you setup fields for that category (form: add new listing).
    Other links, for example "Build a short form" is used to setup which fields will be shown on search results page. etc.

    My suggestion is that you first login to your flynax account on flynax.com , go to download page, and download and read flynax manual. And than start building your site.


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