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Thread: Account Menu Question - General Modern Template

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    Account Menu Question - General Modern Template


    I have done quite well (for starters) on adding the default login system in my navigation menu, but I still am having one issue which I think many of you might be able to help me out on. Here's what I have done. I have added the following code from the account_menu.tpl file into my home_content.tpl page:

    PHP Code:
    Only registered members can view the code
    NOTE that the following code is part of my mobile navigation menu. It has sub-levels <ul> tags.
    Only registered members can view the code.
    When I view the above code on the menu, I see the Welcome and the user name which is logged in perfectly, but I cannot seem to be able to get the part to work if the user is not logged in to display inside the menu.

    Ps: I have tried using an include account_menu.tpl in the ul part of the menu, but that only makes the Welcome part text link to the account page, I want the account page contents to show on the menu in the <ul> tag. I made sure to add the include statement inside the correct ul tag, (if I put regular 'dummy text' inside the ul tag, it appears correct, but when I put the includes statement for the account_menu in the <ul> tag the menu doesn't drop down, although the icon on the menu does appear (so the menu <ul> is recognized as a sub-menu) but the account_menu template is linked from the Welcome username text instead of showing in the <ul> (sub-menu) tag.

    Persistence pays off!

    Here's the code my friends:

    Only registered members can view the code.
    Thank you
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    Have one problem. When I am logged in, the account_menu.tpl doesn't display, but when I am NOT logged in, the template is displayed. So I am able to see the login form, but when I am logged in, I don't see anything. Anyone see the problem? Also, when hover over the inputs and try to select a user from the auto-complete, the menu disappears. I am super sleepy. Need to get some shut eye.

    I have been able to get the if user is logged in or not (displays Welcome Brian or Welcome Visitor) on the stellarnav, and even able to display the user account links in the stellarnav sub-menu, but for some reason, I am only able to get it to work one-way or the-other, not both ways.

    ex: when user is logged in, it would display the account links, but if it does display when the user is logged in, then the login form won't display when the user is logged out and vice-versa. Do you think you can help me get it working?


    My login menu

    Edit: Here's the full code:

    Only registered members can view the code.
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    Edit: This is on my public domain, so if you need access to it, please let me know.

    I still need some help on this, it's bugging me that for some odd reason I can't get the menu to work correctly (both ways), meaning when the user is NOT logged in, it will display the login form on the (stellarnav) menu correctly, but if the user IS logged in, the drop down icon appears on the steallar nav (meaning, it detects something in the sub-menu) but nothing appears. I tried moving the {include file='menus/account_menu.tpl'} line and it will work both ways, but not at the same time like normal. I don't recall the other way at this time, but as it is, the navigation does show the Welcome Visitor text and when hovered over that text, the login form appears, but there are two issues at this point:

    1. When I hover over the Welcome Visitor text, and the login form appears, when I click into the input form, and choose my login name (from the auto-complete drop down), the menu disappears, but the selected name stays in the input field (using firefox browser)

    2. After I login, the account_menu.tpl does NOT load in the menu. Ex: My Messages, My Profile, Favorites, etc..etc..

    As I said, I was able to get part 2 working, I just had to login using the page url (login.html), instead of the navigation menu.

    Can someone help me figure this one out?

    UPDATE: I managed to get *both* the logged in and logged out functionality to work, but now I have in the menu some un-desired sub-menu options. I forgot to point out on the screenshot the arrow after the my messages link, that and the other two red arrows I marked on the image are the un-desired sub-menu options that need to be removed.

    See the attached screenshot

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    Hello Brian,

    >>Can someone help me figure this one out?
    Yes out tech department is waiting for your ticket with the problem. We will help you.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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