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Thread: Bump up plugin problem, I think?!

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    Bump up plugin problem, I think?!

    Dear Flynax Family,

    I just started testing this monerize plugin recently and quite impress with the idea, very focus on customer needs, I give full complement to the creator. However, I find this a bit troublesome when the site now create an extra sorting "Bump Up" to the sorting option. It could be confusing and unnecessary in my point of view.

    - Problem that I find most needed to be address is its interfere/conflict with the option: Update posting date of listings after upgrading
    You can find this option in Basic Settings > Listings > Enable it, it basically renew posted date and push the listing to top like a new posted listing, after user renew/change their plan in front end. User is happy because they paid and had a new top ads. But with Monerize plugin enabled, after user renew/change their listing, the posted date is renewed Yes, but not to top anymore, because the plugin interfere with it's sorting. Disable the monetize plugin and you will see the renewed listing on top as it should be.

    I did some of finding on forum and found this thread from Pete, still not really address it

    My suggestion to make this simpler is:
    - Remove Bump Up sorting option
    - Renew the posted date as well when user used bump so the listing will be pushed to top in the usual way.

    Thanks for reading and please share with me your thought.

    Warm regards,
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    Oops, just stump upon this 2018 post and saw Pete thread in 2017.
    This plugin have huge potential. But the plugin setup set us back from using it. We contributed to improve it, yet not lucky to get official attention.

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