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Thread: Add a payment plan for User Account registration

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    Add a payment plan for User Account registration

    I think we should add a payment option for user accounts.
    For instance, every user must pay a Registration Fee if he wants a Dealer page or just open an account.

    That will be a great option to separate SPAM users, who just wants to obtain a dealer page or scam account.

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    We are likely to add this option in our software in the future. If you want the feature membership plans now that you can submit a ticket to our customization area.

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    still no possible?

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    It's still not possible. Accounts doesn't have own plans system which can limit account features.
    It can be organized manually with invoices system for now or with assigning listing packages to the users somehow, it depend on what you want.
    More about invoices scenario:

    1.you can limit some features for accounts using different account types.
    2. during registration user gets Normal account type and also you have advertising somewhere or contact form, where users can request Premium account
    (Premium account definitely should have more abilities, dealer page enabled for example when for Normal account type it's disabled etc.)
    3. You as admin receive the request for Premium account and send invoice using invoice plugin, member pays for this and you set Premium account through the admin panel.

    also small customization required here is to hide Premium account from the users registration step

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