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Thread: google start charging for google maps - possible solution

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    If I don't want google maps ..How to disable and where to disable...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramu Palanisamy View Post
    If I don't want google maps ..How to disable and where to disable...?
    Go to Common > Basic Settings > Google Maps > Google Maps module > disable

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    please is leaflet or openstreet is ready or not ?
    if not so when ????

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    Hi all,

    I looking too for alternative Maps, but give any problem.

    OpenStreetMaps is ok but dont have any Adress -> location db with hausenumber as geo coordinates :-(

    so must use two services same as leaflet (OpenStrietMap and MapBox ) !

    But I will look forward :-)

    Good luck Sripai

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudi View Post
    Actually, this library uses openstreetmap api which we plan to use as one of the free map solutions ))
    Excellent Rudi, hope it will be ready soon, eache day my website consumes more and more

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    I remember back in 2005, I used the google ad campaign to build traffic to my old website, and I entered my credit card at that time, and do I regret that as I got more traffic, google kept charging for continuous traffic (after a set amount was used). I thought it was just for a set amount of traffic, and that's how I bet it works with the maps as well. Be careful guys, not to say google is bad, but it's the fine print you have to be very smart with, otherwise, there's no telling what could happen. That's why what I do, and suggest most to do these days is to pay with a pre-paid card (set amount) so you know what ever they charge, you're in the clear if they 'max it out' until you are familiar with how a website works. Be it advertising, shopping, or anything else.
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    sorry for the double post
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    Any updates on moving away from Google Maps?

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    We are working on OpenStreetMap. Follow our news.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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