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Thread: Help needed in tracking form submission on listing details page - Google analytics

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    Help needed in tracking form submission on listing details page - Google analytics

    I need help in seeting up google tag manager to track form submitting (contact owner) on listing details page.

    I have added custom form ID="kontaktiraj_vlasnika"
    Only registered members can view the code.
    , so that we can track form submission (contact owner) on listing details page.

    Everything works fine, but problem it will track all form submissions, even those where form validation is not passed.

    So question is, how to setup this in google tag manager to track only event form submission after successful form validation.

    I can see that for is using
    Only registered members can view the code.
    Attached is screenshot from google tag manager,
    Snimak ekrana (340)_LI.jpg

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    Hello, i think you are the only one, who works with Google Tag Manager. We'll be appreciate if you share your experiences with us.
    Actually, i don't know, how tracking for a form submission, help you in SEO (if use GTM for SEO).
    I hope, Flynax answer your question, but i guess, they are not responsible for GTM.
    I think you should change or assign form ID dynamically to whatever you want (like kontaktiraj_vlasnika) after form validation, using JavaScript and jQuery.

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    Hi, I posted question in ticket, and I am sure Viktor will provide solution, as soon as he gets tie to check this. We just need to add one line (GA) in function that submits form after success validation.
    dataLayer.push({'event' : 'formSubmitted', 'formName' : 'Contact Listing Owner'});
    In my other thread I explained how to setup tracking for custom dimensions and custom metrics.

    This way, you can get full statistics for many variables (up to 20) in flynax. For example, how many times listings from specific user (dealer) have been shown, by category, by listing type, by visitor listing location, ..... If for example, your site is real estate oriented, you can know which category is most visited, which type of listing, which locations, many statistics by listing type (standard vs featured), bumpDate, many many statistics that script doesnt offer by itself (and I even think that there is no need to develop, as much easier is to use google analytics).

    I even track phone number shows, and form submissions.

    So you can connect listing data (as custom dimensions) and listing owner data, with all GA metrics + custom metrics (like contact form submissions, show all dealer listings clicks, show dealer contact form clicks etc, all other events, like number of searches performed .... endless possibilities ...

    In my opinion, integrating GA via tag manager is so powerful that should be in core of flynax script, and I really hope flynax will consider it in next versions.

    p.s. you can use GA to get some insights for SEO, but its not my primary use. More important is to provide advanced statistics to dealers.
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