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Thread: default account ? where do i find the setting in 4.5.2?

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    default account ? where do i find the setting in 4.5.2?

    AP > Common > Configurations > Listings > Account type assigned by default

    I have been looking everywhere including above and can not find this setting ? o where art thou ? has it been moved ?

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    Do you mean 'default account' for quick registration form?

    in the last versions it's set in User Accounts > Account Types > your type > Edit > Options > Offer the account type to visitors on the Post an Ad page for quick sign-up.

    if you need to change default account type you should tick this option for your account type and then untick this option for the current account type
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    Hello Rudi Looked there and I do not have that option that I can see ? /

    Edit / I can see it there / sorry at the bottom but it is greyed out and ticked and I do not seem to be able to edit it ? anyway I checked several other of the accounts and turned this option off and it should work now and assign the correct option, will advise if still problems

    thank you

    All works well / Thanks Again Rudi.
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