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Thread: 2checkout as payment gateway in Android app

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    2checkout as payment gateway in Android app

    Hi, recently 2checkout has been acquired, and I think that new API allows use of 2checkout in android apps.

    It would be great to have 2checkout as payment gateway in android app. Many flynax site owners have paypal accounts where its not possible to make payment without o prior user logging in to paypal. Having 2checkout as payment gateway would fix this limitation (my opinion is that 2co offers much better user experience than paypal).

    Is anyone else, beside of me interested in such option?

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    I have discussed with our app developers and they said me: We will not plan to integrate 2co to app in near future.
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    thanks for info. Sorry to hear that. I got reply from ticket as well. I wanted to open discussion so that you can estimate is there demand for such feature.

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