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Thread: User IP Address Security Feature

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    you can execute the following sql request adding lines with your IP's:

    Only registered members can view the code.

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    If they register thru Facebook It don’t store ip
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudi View Post

    You can use AutoRegPrevent plugin which adds any IP to the list before registration/adding a listing and blocks them
    Hello Rudi,
    I couldn't find the plugin called AutoRegPrevent.

    I don't want to block any IP because many users has unstable IPs, I just want admin could see user's IP by which a listing was added, to exist adder's IP in the info of all listings.
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    Getting Started or Starting Over with Your Classified Site? then Get Ready Set Fly V 4.7.1 > quietSecrets

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    The exact plugin you are requesting does not exist.
    There are some workarounds as stated above.

    Although it is an important plugin you are requesting; hopefully, they do not work on it as there are many current critical bugs in the existing plugins and core script.

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