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Thread: MYSQL ERROR in xml import

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    MYSQL ERROR in xml import

    Hello need help i try to import xml file with xml import plugin and have this error and also its import only 2 files and when i open that listings there no footer on listings detail page but other add have footer

    The import action started.
    Importing in process
    The copyFile action started.
    There is no file; trying to get a recent copy
    The file has been successfully copied; file size: 1421309 bytes
    The copyFile action took 2.315133 seconds to load.
    The getBasicData action started.
    The getBasicData action took 0.000020 seconds to load.
    Membership plans are enabled; the system will import as many listings as provided by the user plan.
    If all listings given by the membership plan are used up, the system will import the remaining listings under available listing package.
    Listing ID=477 updated
    The copyPhotos action started.
    Error: Column 'Type' in where clause is ambiguous
    Query: SELECT DISTINCT SUBSTRING_INDEX(GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT `T2`.`Thumbnail` ORDER BY `T2`.`Position` ASC), ',', 1) AS `Main_photo`, COUNT(`T2`.`Thumbnail`) AS `Photos_count` FROM `fl_listings` AS `T1` LEFT JOIN `fl_listing_photos` AS `T2` ON `T1`.`ID` = `T2`.`Listing_ID` WHERE `T1`.`ID` = 478 AND `Type` = 'picture' LIMIT 1
    Function: updateMediaData
    Class: Flynax\Utils\ListingMedia
    File: /home/database/public_html/includes/classes/rlListings.class.php (line# 3148)

    and also its import the image but its not showed up in recently added page i mean to say its show in listings detail page but not showed in recently added page.
    Please help me to fix this thanks
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