Hello, I was looking for correct information on all the places I need to touch to configure FlyNax to work without the www. prefix in the URL

for example, I want the default site to be https://concreteiron.com and NOT https://www.concreteiron.com

On a normal static website, I would just put some redirects in .htaccess to catch any other flavors of urls entered.
However with all the URL rewriting and CMS things going on here, I was looking for a clear technical answer of all the places that this config needs to be changed?

1. I assume some more rewrite statements in .htaccess, but exactly what? and where in .htaccess should it be? before what statement? after what statement?
Can someone provide the exact rewrite statement to use here? or which one to remove / modify?

2. I would also assume that /includes/config,inc.php would need to be modified on system URLS

// system URLs
define( 'RL_URL_HOME', 'https://www.concreteiron.com/' );

Changed To
// system URLs
define( 'RL_URL_HOME', 'https://concreteiron.com/' );

3. What other things need to be changed in config to have it operate on just https://concreteiron.com as the base URL?