I have no answer on the ticket that I created 2 weeks ago.

The "Stripe" plugin does not work. It shows the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Stripe\Error\ApiConnection' with message 'Unexpected error communicating with Stripe. If this problem persists, let us know at support@stripe.com. (Network error [errno 35]: SSL connect error)' in .../plugins/stripe/lib/api/HttpClient/CurlClient.php:234 Stack trace: #0 .../plugins/stripe/lib/api/HttpClient/CurlClient.php(196): Stripe\HttpClient\CurlClient->handleCurlError('https://api-tls...', 35, 'SSL connect err...') #1 .../plugins/stripe/lib/api/ApiRequestor.php(228): Stripe\HttpClient\CurlClient->request('post', 'https://api-tls...', Array, Array, false) #2 .../plugins/stripe/lib/api/ApiRequestor.php(64): Stripe\ApiRequestor->_requestRaw('post', '/v1/charges', Array, Array) #3 .../plugins/stripe/lib/api/ApiResource.php(120): Stripe\ApiRequestor->request('post', '/v1/charges', Array, Array) #4 .../plugins/stripe/lib/api/HttpClient/CurlClient.php on line 234

An SSL certificate has been installed on the server but the problem persists. The answer of the head of the server is the following:

The error that is generated is a PHP, not one directly from Apache as it could be a timeout or a limit of connections. I do not doubt that it may require some additional adjustment in the server, but being an error generated by the application we would need the developer to tell us what he needs. It could be some incident with the versions of the TLS, PHP, extensions of the PHP itself, the openssl package, etc. Even the incident may not depend on the server because of the URL of the api that puts the error.

The answer of is a server error on the part of the developer when it generates a PHP error without giving more information seems to me quite poor, I can help you adjusting the necessary in case it depends on the server, but I would need more information about it.

The server manager needs more information from you to fix the problem. Can you give more information about this problem?