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Thread: New version of location finder

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    New version of location finder

    I have upgraded the location finder in our test installation of 4.6.2 version.
    It's not working as expected...
    after selecting the location fields (country, distict and city -multifield) the marker is shown correct.
    But if you change the marker position the multifield location fields are not updated!
    The same happens if you choose to move the marker on map without entering the location fields-they are not updated.
    What is going on?

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    Flynax developer John's Avatar
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    Hello Autocy,
    The location synchronization (location fields with the map location) is complicated and enough tricky process.
    There are many factors and settings to be setup properly. So you'd better submit a ticket to our support help
    desk, guys will check the problem.


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    i reopened the ticket QQE-660697

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