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Thread: [4.6.2] Error Message with [category]

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    [4.6.2] Error Message with [category]


    if a category already exists an error message is displayed with [category] and not the category name.

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    Hello Michael,

    You are right, exist 2 ways to fix it:

    1. Open file: ftp://includes>>utils>>Category.php finc method: addUserCategory

    find line:
    PHP Code:
    Only registered members can view the code
    and replace to:
    PHP Code:
    Only registered members can view the code
    save and check again.

    2. Go to Admin Panel>>Languages find phrase by key: tmp_category_exists
    and change '[category]' to '{category}'
    this way will solve the problem also.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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