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Thread: How to create a Note rather an Agreement

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    How to create a Note rather an Agreement

    I would to notify or inform the users what should they do by giving them a simple note after column fields.

    The nearest i can find is the agreement field. But that is with "I accept".

    I just want to pass a simple note/message to the user.

    Anyone can help me.


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    you can add a description for your field if you need some clarification for it: Listings > Listing Field > Edit > Description
    you can create a content box of HTML type and place it on top or bottom of the page:
    Content > Content Boxes > Add a Box > Box position > Top or Bottom; Box type > HTML; Content > your content; Show box on > Add a Listing (not that it will be displayed on all steps of add-listing)

    otherwise it will require a customization

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