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Thread: what's new in the Auto Poster??

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    what's new in the Auto Poster??

    Hi flynax Team

    what do you mean by (The ability to post to group)

    is that mean facebook group and how can I use it

    what about the integrating module

    flynax twitter:
    The current Autoposter plugin supports two major social networks: Facebook and Twitter. We have started working on integrating the Instagram module into the plugin, which will provide automatic sharing of ads to a wider audience. Stay tuned for more news.

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    Hello Mohammed,

    To post to facebook groups you should specify group id instead of page id in Plugins > Facebook > Edit > Page/Group ID

    use this lib for posting an image on instagram and see its description: https://github.com/mgp25/Instagram-API

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    so I can only post to a page or a group

    I hope you can add the ability to post multible pages and groups

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    i am going to pay for Auto Poster, we really need Instagram integration for this the plugin, any hope?

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